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New year, new Orioly version! 

In the world of software development, it is very important to listen and monitor the feedback that users provide. At Orioly, feedback from tour and activity providers helps us to develop and improve everything in order to efficiently manage reservations, departures, and the tourist offer in general.

Our development team regularly releases new features and updates of our technological solutions. New versions of the system will allow you to be more efficient in your daily tasks, and your guests will be satisfied with the provided online booking service.

Learn how to use the new and improved features below.

What does the new Orioly version bring? 

1. Simplified Departure Management:

  • Easily reorder departure definitions and price categories using the intuitive drag & drop option.

2. Improved Departure Options:

  • Select all days when creating a departure option, with enhanced display for choosing departure times.

3. Time-saving Widget Customization:

  • Web developers rejoice! Generated booking widgets are now savable, allowing easy modifications in the admin interface.

Drag & Drop functionality

This feature is for users whose products have multiple departure definitions. We noticed that it is necessary to simplify the settings on the departure definitions. 

Considering the possibility of adding an unlimited number of departure options, we wanted to enable you to quickly and easily change the order of the options. 

Therefore, if you want to change the order of departure definitions on the online reservation system, you can easily drag and drop the departure options and change their layout as they will be displayed to the guest in the drop-down menu.

We have also introduced the same thing for price categories so that you can easily set them according to your preference. 

For example, you first add the price for children, and then for adults. 

With the help of this functionality, you will be able to easily replace the order without deleting and re-entering the price category. 

Saving generated widgets

From now on you can save all generated widgets. Specifically, this will allow you to subsequently change the background color or text on the Book Now button in the admin interface, and the changes will then be automatically updated on your website. 

This will save your web developers the time you would have otherwise spent resetting the buttons. Speaking of widgets, for all those who use the list of activities, the new version gives the possibility to subsequently add or remove products from it. 

Until now, the list of activities allowed only 15 products to be displayed, but now there are no more restrictions. 

If you still don’t know what widgets are, we suggest you read the Orioly Blog Feature 6 – What Widgets Are and How the Activity List Works. 

Default language for the online reservation system

We’ve made changes to how widgets are saved, and this affects translations within a widget. Now, when you open the reservation form, it will display the language set on the website. 

If the website’s language isn’t defined or active in the application, it will default to the language set on the widget.

Document and Confirmation email language 

Buyers will now receive confirmation emails and documents in the language selected on the online reservation form. You will still receive your confirmation emails in the language set within the application.

Other improvements 

Here are some more improvements that are available in this version of the Orioly software:

  • Attendance on a departure will now be automatically set when a voucher is scanned using the Orioly mobile application.
  • We have also added integration into OTA Channel Manager, so Orioly can currently be connected to more than 40 online travel agencies such as Get Your Guide, Viator, and others. 
  • A better overview of departure times, as well as the ability to select all days of the week on which the tour is available in one click, so that you don’t have to click on each one individually.


The latest version of the Orioly system brings improvements based on user feedback. Simplified management of departures and price categories, customizable widgets, and language improvements underline our commitment to customer-friendly solutions. 

These updates aim to save time and improve the overall booking experience. 

We invite you to explore these features as we continue to refine and optimize Orioly for seamless tour and activity management. 

We will regularly inform you about the news of the Orioly system, so we suggest you follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter!

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